Become a professional software developer in Leipzig
Learn full stack software development and join one of our partner companies.

What is Code Camp Leipzig?

We connect talent to companies.
In our intensive 13-week full-time program, we teach you all the skills you'll need for your future job and set you up for a lifelong career as a professional software developer.

Company Sponsored

Instead of paying tuition fees, you can immediately apply for a job and sponsorship from one of our partnering companies.

Full Stack

We teach our students strong fundamentals in software engineering principles and a modern JavaScript toolchain.

On Site

We still believe in the value of real-life human interactions. Our students learn to code as a team using professional workflows.

The Code Camp Leipzig Program

Full Stack Junior Software Developer

13 weeks | 6-hour days | Mo-Fr | English | Up to 12 students | In Leipzig


How does a computer work?
What is information?
What makes a good design?

Although we are on a tight schedule, we want you to understand the foundations of your craft. We’ll engage with fundamental questions and provide you with the larger picture, right from the start.

Developer Skills

Programming is only one of many parts of building a software product. In these classes, we’ll train all the vital skills for a professional software development workflow. Topics include:

  • Operating systems and using the command line
  • Git and team workflows
  • Test-driven development
  • Effective text editing with VSCode
  • Source code documentation
  • Software packaging and continuous integration

Programming in JavaScript

JavaScript is the only language that runs both in the browser and on the server. It allows you to build and deploy entire cross-platform products, making it the perfect first language to learn. We'll cover:

  • Principles of programming
  • JavaScript & TypeScript
  • node.js & npm
  • Functional and object-oriented programming
  • Good error handling
  • Asynchronous execution

Web Development

During the course, we’ll build multiple web sites and web applications ——both as personal and team projects. You’ll learn the basics of web technologies and work with a modern toolchain.

  • HTML & Pug
  • CSS, Stylus, & Bootstrap
  • Vue
  • Express
  • Webpack
  • MongoDB & PostgreSQL
Our Partners
We work with local companies to offer the best learning and career opportunities to our students.
Contact us if you want to become a partner or connect with our students.
Applications are rolling. The cutoff date for the Spring 2020 Camp is January 6th.

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